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When you bring the Kindness Adventure to your school, you’re inviting a world class performer who is carefully trained and often has years of experience with educational assemblies. While your performer is there to help you deepen your school-wide work on kindness and bullying prevention, they also bring global knowledge to the stage. Each performer of the Kindness Adventure has traveled to meet our partners in Kenya. They’ve spent time with the students and staff at Bidii Primary School in Nairobi, shared meals with the Maasai in Kajiado County, and have stood in awe of the wildlife of the Maasai Mara. The stories they’ll share will be captivating and heartfelt, as they all have received a great deal of personal kindness from the people they met and experiences they brought back during their time in Kenya.

Playing ball at Bidii

Everyone is pumped about the new well!

Meeting a Maasai warrior!

Maasai friends

Having a blast with the Bidii students

Making friends at Bidii school

Outside a traditional Maasai home

Overwhelmed by baby elephant cuteness

Laughing with the Maasai women

Dazzled by the giraffe

Sharing stories

Showing students clips of the assembly

A herd of hippos on safari

Never a dull moment at Bidii Primary

Hey, look, it's a hyena!

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