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We want to partner with classroom teachers, counselors and school staff to make the most of the positive messages shared in the assembly.


Making the Kindness Adventure messages part of your school-wide language and behavior expectations will proactively build an atmosphere of respect, acceptance and kindness at your school.

Lesson Plans

Assembly Recaps

These lesson plans and classroom resources can be used following the assembly to recap what your kids saw and heard. Each lesson plan provides age appropriate questions and discussion starters, writing prompts, and fun activities as an opportunity to reinforce the positive message, practice academic skills and standards, and build character for your K-6 students.

Download Assembly Recap PDFs

Primary (1-3)



Intermediate (3-6)

When You Smile Theme Song

These resources will help you sing-along to the Assembly Theme song. Use the lesson plan and lyrics sheet to further the discussion about the meaning of the song. Share with your Music Teacher and pretty soon your entire school will be singing!



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